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Our culture

Our culture fosters an open-minded, challenging and inspiring environment for personal growth where we provide the space for pupils to find their passions.

Our relationships are different from the conventional dynamics of pupil and teacher – we see the journey through the School as a collective endeavour to better prepare our pupils for their lives ahead.

Mutual respect, trust and pride in the approach is critical to the success of our approach – not just between staff and pupils, but with parents too.

Our unique take on creativity as a practical and essential element across all disciplines makes Bryanston a very different learning experience – building a distinctive independence of thought, self-reliance, realism and authenticity.

We don’t ‘do education’ to our pupils, we travel beside them and guide them on their journey.

How do we judge the effect of our approach?

The impact is clear in the academic and personal achievements of our pupils, but importantly, you can feel the effect of our culture in the atmosphere and see it in the relationships between pupils and staff, in the lifelong friendships made at Bryanston, and in the choices our pupils make about their lives at school and beyond.